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Does my ex husband still have feelings for me?

I work in sales and with the bad economy, my income has taken a big hit. There is one company in town that everyone in the office has been trying to get an order from but no one has ever been able to get an appointment with the company owner John Doe. I only know one person in the business community that might give me advice on how to get to see John Doe but he was my ex husband Bob and although we had a friendly divorce, I had not talked to him for over a year.

Finally in desperation I called him. I just knew he was going to hang up on me. Much to my surprise he said meet me Friday at the country club for lunch. Friday I went to his table and could not believe my eyes. There was John Doe at his table. We had a nice lunch and Bob said to John “If you want the best service at the best price Mary is the person you need to be doing business with. John said, “If Bob recommend you I know you will do exactly as he said you will do. Call me tomorrow for an order.

I called and got the biggest order I had ever received. I called up my ex and told him I owe him big time. He said “you don’t owe me anything. I like helping my friends. I asked him how I could repay him. He said join me for dinner Saturday. We had a wonderful meal and caught up on what each of us had been doing the last year. Was that enough of a repayment?

Do you think he was just being a nice guy and/or he still has some feeling for me?

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  • Rick
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    I think it was enough of a repayment. Do you still have feelings for him? That's what matters most. If you do, do you think you're having feelings for him because he helped you to get that important sale?

  • LG
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    Yep, just keep thinking "repayment" and completely forget about the sensitivity of this situation. You just HAVE to be nice and offer some kind of repayment, right? It's the decent thing to do... It's like an alcoholic talking him/herself into drinking again.

    If it wasn't a good idea then, when you got divorced, why is it a good idea now? What has changed?

    He did something nice for you. Say thank you, and get on with things. Perhaps you'll be in a position to help him out one day. But that day isn't today. Going back into a relationship that wasn't right for both of you isn't going to help either one of you.

  • Anonymous
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    I mean he basically saved your a*ss and your entire career. The least you could do is give him some wild sex for old times sake. Also, he seems like a pretty cool guy, even without the repayment thing. Super chill for a guy to not hate his ex wife, and he handled it like a boss. Why not invite him for a late night movie and dinner at your place?

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