Music History GRE exam?

I'm really confused about this test, I don't know where to sign up for it. I found major field tests for music, but I need a GRE test. And, music history is not listed as one of the subject tests to sing up for. Is there even one for music anymore, because I can find information about people selling study guides, but nothing on the ETS website about the music history GRE exam? Does anyone have anyone have any information or insight about this?

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  • 2 years ago
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    If this is to apply to a grad school, and they're asking for your GRE scores, they aren't saying you need to take a GRE subject test. They're saying you need to take the general GRE exam. If they are saying that you actually need, specifically, the GRE Subject Test in Music, then that exam was last held in 2001 - it's been discontinued. You can't take it, and they can't require it.

    So, what exactly is the wording of what they're asking you for? If it's the GRE, then they mean the general test. If they are asking for the GRE Subject Test in Music, then you need to talk to them directly, because it hasn't existed for over a decade.

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