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Rejoining military have separating after DEP?

I was set to join the marines active duty at 17 but then had a change of heart. To get me separated my mom especially worked hard calling the recruiters having my back Incase they tried to intimidate me. I’m 18 now and My dad offered me a job in his company but I always think about trying to rejoin the military in a different branch as a reserve. But I’m worried about my parents reaction especially my mom’s, I love them because their so supportive but this is a different situation. Thanks.

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    A recruiter went to a lot of work to get you signed up at age 17. All the info he got was put into the DoD computers. Then you backed out. So now you go to a recruiter and he pulls up the info. He sees all. So he has a choice, should he got to all the work and effort to get you signed up AGAIN knowing you backed out once or should he just tell you to go away? If he is doing good on his recruitment quota he probably will tell you to go away. I suggest you go to college, get a degree and if you want to go in then, you will have something to offer them besides being a warm body.

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    You don't need to worry about telling your parents. No branch will even talk to you with that in your record. You are not enlisting.

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    Your story has one CRITICAL flaw. You CAN'T enlist, even in DEP at 17 without written consent of BOTH parents. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get into AND out of DEP at age 17.

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    Any other service will look at your ELS from DEP and also look at your RE-code. What code did you get?

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