LLB degree in the UK?

Would you please help me with information about the UK LLB programmes?

If someone has a BA degree (not legal field) + a GDL (but no LPC) + an LLM in International Business Law, which is the easiest path to obtain an LLB (qualifying) degree ?

I mean exemption, or even better credit accreditation.

I know that in many other fields there is such a possibility.

[e.g. if someone has a postgraduate diploma in management of 120 credits, can use these credits for a 180 credit master’s either by a top up degree (exemption) or with a full master’s degree (with credit accreditation)]. It’s just an example, this is the case for many other fields, too.

I, however, do not know if there is such a possibility in the case of LLB.

My questions are:

1. If with the qualifications above there is possibility for credit accreditation or exemption, which of these would provide it, and the maximum is how many credits ?

2. If these qualifications don’t provide exemption nor credit accreditation, is there any other qualification that does?

Any type of graduate diplomas, etc.

I would just like to know which is the most simple pathway for the LLB, given that someone has the qualifications above already.

If there is someone here who is familiar with this, and could give me somewhat detailed answer, I would be more than grateful.

Thank you in advance

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  • Tavy
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    2 years ago
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    There are loads of websites on this, have you looked? We don't have credits in the U.K.,

    An LLB is not a Masters it is a basic law degree.

    All of the sites tell you what is needed if you are an international student.


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