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Think I am going to let my girlfriend go?

I have been dating a wonderful woman for a couple months now and she makes me happy but I am not good enough for her. Tonight I fell asleep after not sleeping for days and I woke up totally disoriented to my gf who needed to go to the hospital. I was so groggy I don’t even remember what I said but she left without me and now I’m worried about her and feeling worthless for not going with. Should I break up with her??

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    Here we go again with the, “I’m not good enough for her” thing.

    Insecurities like that are so unattractive.

    If you’re not good enough, change. If you don’t like your behavior, stop acting that way! Why are you on yahoo answers complaining about how you’re not good enough when you should be trying to get in touch with your girlfriend. Have you tried to get in touch with her or the hospital? If you’re not good enough, change or leave. But whining about it is not beneficial. It’s thoroughly unappealing. Your gf may coddle you and tell you that you’re wonderful when you start to say things like this, but I have no incentive to.

    Idk you. You might be a good dude. So act like it. I believe your fully capable of being a better person is you choose. Humans make mistakes. Doesn’t mean your worthless.

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    Breaking up with your girlfriend will NOT take care of your problem. YOU are the problem. Actually, she should show you the door and kick you to the curb. You need to put your "Big Boy" pants on and determine to become a Man. You were born Male. However, being a Man is a Choice. You actually, have to ACT like a Man. Men are made to do hard things. Judge for yourself. Men are to behave Responsibly? Men are made to be Providers, Protectors, Leaders, willing to sacrifice themselves for those he loves. You seem like the kind of guy that runs away whenever life requires effort from you. Hopefully, she got to the hospital and is okay. Get off your sorry *** and go find her. Apologize and ask her for forgiveness. Determine to grow up and become a man. I wish you well.

  • Alex
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    2 years ago

    That took a weird turn

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    That’s a dumb reason to break up with her. Nobody should be mad at anybody. You needed sleep; She needed to go to the hospital. Hopefully she’s ok, and hopefully you got the sleep you needed. What’s the issue?

    Unless you think she didn’t really go to the hospital and secretly cheated on you, I can’t understand why you want to break up over this

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