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Best fish for warm water tank?

Hi! I want to get a fish or two for my new apartment. I live in Hawaii and so far it seems like the fish tank will be around 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of getting a water chiller to accommodate fish that like it a bit cooler, like goldfish, I would rather get a fish that does well in this temperature range. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Bettas, fancy guppies, and discus do well in warm water, the latter being tricky to care for but can be stunningly beautiful. In fact it's argued that warm water (85) is a key to success along with good water quality.

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    I think fish adapted to warm temperatures

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    Tropical fish are warm water fish. The water in your tank will eventually equal out to the temperature of the room it is in. Most tank setups require a heater. Get a tropical fish guide to answer any questions you have.

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    Go to your local fish store. Prob'ly any tropical fish sold there will do okay in that temperature range.

    e.g. guppies

    Note: do not release any aquarium animals into the wild.

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