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Why are German people so different from American and Italian people?

I lived in Italy and I can assure you that is the most corrupted country ever. The corruptiom begins since the school days (if you're Italian and you come from a wealthy family you'll be treated right although you are mean and a bully, if you're a migrant and a nice, honest and correct person you'll have a hard life). It's the meanest and most unfair society ever, and it's considered to be -west-. Anyway. Now I'm in Germany. It's all another thing. German people are polite and 'normal', they dont harass you all the time (of course there are drunk men at night but they dont do anything, and the police here works not like in Italy). German girls are friendly and simple, the guys too. In Italy the girls went with boys and were really mean, the guys were as******* unless you sleep or hang out with them. I was bullied for years in Italy and I bet if I had worked there I would have had a really hard life. Here in Germany the bosses dont boss around, nobody does mobbing, of course there are antipaties but everything is limited, in Italy they managed to make me change school because of the bullying and the teachers never helped me (I was a really good and well behaved student but there were more important the sons of doctors and lawyers). I dont know in America bht in the movies sounds really like Italy. An5s there's Germany, where you can do humble works and nobody thinks bad about you. Why is it so?


I was in different parts of Italy and it worked like this: you were always mistreated for coming from east europe, and people felt entitled to hurt you and harass you. Everything worked in groups of 15/20: you had to be accepted in the group and they told you how to behave, what to say or to think. The bosses in Italy often touch you with excuses although you could be their dauther. In Germany you just work, nobody wants to know anything about you, and you can live normally

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    All nations are different from each other.

    Source(s): MGTOW
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    Then stay in Germany if it works out better for you. Never been to either country, so I can't say if its the norm, or just the particular areas you were in.

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    It's your perspective.

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