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LGBT: What do you like about these users?

1) Aizen. 2) Bazz-B. ) Liltotto Lampard. 4) Cato. 5) Bambietta Basterbine. 6) Jugram Haschwalth. 7. Elisabeth. 8) White Rabbit. 9) Heart Stone. 10) The Clown. 11) Sanji. 12) Ross. 13) Giselle Maria Gewelle. 14) Miranda. 15) The Political Jack Master. 16) Dave. 17) Rob. 18) Jota. 19 Nightwolf/Rachael. 20) Chuckles. 21) Professor. 22) Aaron.

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    Aizen - His intellect. He is able to see through the errors of the far-right/far-left and criticize them well.

    Bazz-B - His tough exterior. He is tough as he says and he was actually able to annoy the likes of Bada Bing of Politics to the point of hitting the block button.

    Liltotto Lamperd - Her optimism. She's a rather positive person that doesn't have any doubts about success.

    Cato - His value of friendship. He values his friends to a high degree. He always defends them when someone attacks them.

    Bambietta Basterbine - Her eccentricity. She has an eccentric vibe to her but she is much capable of being pleasant.

    Elisabeth - Her politeness. She almost never insults me expect for that time, she called me "Sasquatch".

    White Rabbit - His absence of hatred. He proves what he says and doesn't seem to generate any amount of hate towards anyone at all.

    The Clown - His cheerfulness. I'll admit he's a nice person that doesn't have any hate in him.

    Sanji - I don't like anything about Sanji.

    Ross - His laid-back attitude. He is similar to White Rabbit expect that he is far more laid-back. He never really gets angry.

    Giselle Maria Gewelle - Her kindness. She's a kind girl that doesn't hate anyone.

    Miranda - I don't think I like anything about him.

    The Political Jack Master - I don't like anything about this guy.

    Dave - His humor. He combines humor with profanity and he is very good at insulting people. He provoked me into attacking me and got me to have a disdainful attitude towards him. He angered Miranda, Ross and Elisabeth too with his attitudes. He is a creative person.

    Rob - His erudition. He knows a lot of things and he was able to expose Student on his own.

    Jota - I don't like anything about him.

    Nightwolf/Rachael - I don't like anything about her.

    Chuckles - His profanity. I like how he swears a lot.

    Professor - His attempts at trying to get me to join him. It was good but Professor, you can do better than that.

    Aaron - I'm not sure.

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    1. He has pretty good political views and seems like a cool guy.

    2. I got him to leave me alone.

    3. I don’t know anything about that user.

    4. He may be far-right, but I find him pretty knowledgeable about his views, and I’m also a conspiracy theorist in some ways (but not right-wing).

    5. She’s pretty hot.

    6. He admitted it was wrong of him to cause so much drama.

    7. She’s a very polite young lady.

    8. He’s an adorable gey boii who I want to cuddle with <3.

    9. I don’t know anything about that user.

    10. He’s asked a lot of questions about the users, which are interesting.

    11. He warned me to watch out for people who are just pretending to like me because they want to penetrate my butt.

    12. We’ve been friends outside Yahoo for almost a year now. He agrees with almost all my views on mental health and psychiatry, and he’s usually hilarious.

    13. We’re both bisexual and have similar political views, and despite whoever is making those posts about her, I think she’s pretty smart.

    14. I like how assertive and manipulative I am, and I’m proud of being mentally ill.

    15. I don’t know anything about that user.

    16. He’s funny sometimes, I guess, even though I strongly dislike him overall.

    17. He’s pretty funny and he’s smart on most issues.

    18. I like that he recognizes how evil humanity is, and that there’s no reason to ever be happy.

    19. I don’t know anything about that user.

    20. He acts like such an idiot that it’s entertaining.

    21. He knows how to cure the gey (not that I would ever want to 🌈).

    22. He’s changed a lot, and has become pro-LGBT.

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