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Why are my cat's paw pads peeling?

He is an indoor/outdoor cat and his paws were originally a dark brown, but recently they have been peeling and cracking to show pink paw pads? It doesn't hurt him when I touch the pink parts, and they feel normal. Could it be that they are dry and it actually does hurt him?

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  • 2 years ago

    He could have burned them on hot pavement. There's also an auto immune disease that can cause paw lesions and peeling OR he could have stepped in some sort of acid, etc. Such is what happens when a cat is owned by an uncaring owbner that lets it free roam like a wild animal.

    Have the poor thing checked out by a vet. WTF is with you people thinking strangers on the internet can magically diagnose their pets????

  • Laura
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    2 years ago

    Usually a peeling paw pad is a sign of walking on pavement that is too hot, or stepping in something that he shouldn't have.

    All you can do is keep his paw pads clean.

    Ideally he should come inside until his paws heal.

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