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Army rotc scholarships?

I was wondering if it’s easy to get a scholarship and if it’s worth it? I saw the requirements and I don’t meet that many. I don’t play and sports and only have a 23 on the ACT the only extra curricular I do is band and I was in leadership academy for 2 years and DECA for 1. Don’t get me wrong tho I’m not a weak kid I’m 180lbs and 5 foot 11 I know I can do it I just don’t know if I should even attempt for the scholarship because I barely meet any requirements or things they look for. Ecspessialy sense I never played a sport. Jw what my chances might be thanks !

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  • 2 years ago

    Are you a freeloader

  • 2 years ago

    just like any other scholarship-- they are academic scholarships

    a 23 act score an't gonna cut it

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