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How long after exposure to hookworms would a puppy have symptoms?

I bought a puppy on 7/30/18, at approx. 6:30 p.m. and before I got home with him he had bloody diarrhea. I had him at this point for approx. 1.5 hours. Got home at approx. 9:00 p.m. and shortly after he vomited and cont to have bloody diarrhea all night. I notified the breeder early in the morning and called my vet (Tuesday/7/31/18) and took the earliest appointment she had for me, which was the next day, Wednesday, 8/1/18. The puppy was diagnosed with Parvo and a severe hookworm infestation. I got meds and she gave him a shot to stop the vomiting. The puppy died Thursday, 8/2/18. It is obvious he was sick before and my vet will back me on this.The breeder is arguing saying he was fine and he didn't get sick until he was with me and is refusing to accept responsibility. I have contacted my lawyer, but I need to know how long would one have the worms before having these severe symptoms? I need a reputable resource for the answer as well, one that will hold up in court. In a nut shell, he had first sign less than 2 hours after I got him, and he had not touched anything but me, riding on my lap and shoulders home. He continued for the entire time I had him to be sick, which was approximately 66 hours, till he died in a pool of bloody diarrhea.

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    the puppy was sick before you even bought him. From the first moment the parvo enters the dog's body, the first symptom is refusal of food, his tummy hurts. Then in a few hours, he will begin to vomit. This is because the virus is now overtaking his stomach. As the virus moves through the digestive tract other symptoms begin to show as the virus ravages that organ.The bloody diarrhea occurs when the virus overtakes the intestines, first the watery, then the mucus and finally the blood. The vomiting first and then watery diarrhea is the body attempting to purge the virus, when that dioesn't work, the mucus lining begins to shed off again in an attempt to flush out the virus, then there is nothing protecting the intestines and the guts begin to bleed as the intestines are being eaten away by the virus. So really if this pup had diarrhea on the way home, in theory he had been sick at least 24 hours. She sold you a sick puppy. Take her to small claims, with this simple explanation of how parvo works.

    I'm sorry. And another thing, is always smell the puppy's breath. Puppies have a very distinct puppy smell to their breath, a healthy puppy does anyway, but a sick puppy will not have "puppy breath"

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    If your puppy was diagnosed with Parvo in that short period of time, ALL the other puppies still with that breeder, or sold, WILL HAVE BEEN AFFECTED and the breed WILL have known!!

    Any worming she did (IF she did any) wouldn't have been for hookworm - puppy worming treats ROUNDWORM.

    Why were the puppies vaccinated at 6 weeks ...... that's only done if for some reason, they didn't have mum's first milk (colostrum). If they did, then that natural immunity, which starts to drop away by around 5 weeks, would still be there until around 8 weeks, so ANY prior vaccination simply wouldn't take. If they didn't have mum's first milk, then a vet might given an interim vac. against Parvo and Leptospirosis.

    Clearly this puppy would have had to have picked up Parvo a week to 10 days ahead of symptoms showing. He should have come with a Health Certificate which if he was producing bloody stool on the same day, I doubt he'd have qualified for and what reputable establishment has HOOKWORM to be present in a young puppy fgs.

    Go after these people, for the cost of the puppy + TREATMENT BY YOUR VET. Plus the emotion you've suffered because of this terrible experience, to say nothing of the fact that having had Parvo on your premises, you CANNOT safely bring an unvaccinated puppy/adult in there, including outside. You might like to include that in your compensation claim!!

    ps Stuff happens, but a REPUTABLE breeder's first reaction to any of this would be 'bring the puppy straight back so my vet can see what's going on, AT LEAST. They'd NOT say 'nothing to do with me' etc. This alone shows you what you are dealing with. Sadly.

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    The hookworms contributed to this, but what really killed the puppy was Parvo. Hookworms will make a pup very sick, but Parvo kills. If she said the pup was exposed to Parvo, then that should have been a big red flag that you wanted to walk away from this sale. You got no vet records so I doubt very much that the pups were wormed or vaccinated. You can take her to small claims court and likely win - sue for the cost of the pup and the vet expenses you incurred. The reputable person here is the vet that treated the pup. Have him write a letter stating how ill the pup was when you got him, and the fact that Parvo takes 10-14 days to show symptoms and how fatal it is in puppies. Have your lawyer start with sending her a letter by certified mail (so that she must sign for it and cannot say she did not get it). You will win. Sadly that now that you have Parvo in your home, you can't bring an unvaccinated dog (or one two weeks past the final Parvo vaccination) into your home for a year. Parvo is a very hardy virus, and disinfecting your home and yard is not always effective, and not very practical.

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    Symptoms aren't always apparent, a fresh (less than two hours old) fecal exam is necessary, to be analyzed microscopically.

    If the dog came with no health guaranteed, signed contract (read the fine print) or any records of de-worming/vaccinations/medical records, it's basically buyer beware, as is, similar to buying a used vehicle.

    Sorry for your loss...

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    I am sure your vet will confirm the puppy died of Parvo. That would have been in a he puppy's system before you got it. Worms also take time to build-up to a serious level.

    Does the breeder have documentation of when the puppy received vaccinations for Parvo? Likely not. I'm pretty sure your department of agriculture has rules for this when someone is selling puppies for profit. Check into this.

    Ask your vet how long it takes for either of these to be a concern.

    Or, ask a different vet . . .or look it up. The pup should have had shots before being sold to you.

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    You got scammed & screwed by a stupid, ignorant, lying, &*()(&%$#% BYBer. This is particular a nasty one. You have the right to get your money back & there are laws that protect you. One being the Lemon Law or the 3 day return policy. You have done everything right.

    You had the pup vetted & found the pup dying. It already had hook worm & Parvo BEFORE you got it. I hate BYBers. This happens way too often. You can sue for your money back & any judge will see it your way & you can be compensated for the Vet bills. Talk with Animal Control, they have the power to take those dogs away from that nasty BYBer. It is very illegal to sell sick or deformed pups, BYBers do not care about their pups, all they see is the $$$$$$$

    You have rights, take action now, before it is too late. Put that SOB out of business & save the dogs. Disgusting. So sorry but it happens all the time. I hate BYBers. I usually don't answer their questions but I do leave comment.

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    Plenty of online vet articles talk about how long it takes for exposure to Parvovirus before symptoms appear that is standardized (well known, well accepted) information, but your vet (who is a medical expert) can also write a letter to that effect. Parvovirus (far more than hookworms) is what KILLED your puppy. The worms certainly weakened him and made him more likely to catch parvo, in his weakened state. Your vet can state how long their life cycle takes but most puppies get hookworms from their mother; either through the placenta or through her milk. When was she last wormed before being bred, was she on a monthly prevention in say a heartworm medication) and was she fecal tested, as worm free (before being bred)? Just being on a preventative, does not mean she could not have any worms.

    I will BET: YOUR PUPPY had gotten no vaccines at 7 weeks (as he should have; a week prior to sale, and done by the breeder's vet) and the breeder had NOT taken him to her vet before sale for a vet exam, that CERTIFIED he was healthy. If she did, you would have a signed letter or certificate from her vet (on his letterhead) as my breeder provides.

    How often was he and his litter wormed and when was he last wormed (if at all?) A litter of puppies is supposed to be wormed EVERY TWO WEEKS (from age two weeks) onward, with a liquid (flavored) wormer most vets can and will provide a breeder, and given according to the current weight of each puppy.

    The puppy was exposed (7 to 10 days ago) by one or more visiting people to the parvovirus (who brought it in on their shoes or hands) who came over to see the puppies OR the virus (which is VERY HARD TO KILL and can live for MONTHS) was already ON the breeder's property, from prior sick dogs.

    Links on Parvo:

    This link can give info on Parvo & worms:


    I will say it 'sounds' like you bought from a typical backyard BREEDER. NOT a reputable breeder who would sell their puppies with a written and signed health guarantee and (of course) have taken all the puppies to see the vet for a full health exam, before sale. And would be able to PROVE (in writing) her vet found no illness x number of days, before sale. Was this person a member of their national club, a member of the local dog or local kennel club; were they referred to you by your vet or any upstanding reference source? (I bet NOT.)

    Do check to see if your state has a PUPPY LEMON LAW. You have more legal protections, if yours does.

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