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Has anyone here ever taken lithium? Or do you at least know much about it?

I found out I can order lithium orotate at and I want to try it out and see if maybe that'll help me come out of my depression. Or maybe at least make it a little less dark every day. I'm just afraid to take anything because the last couple antidepressants I was on made my anxiety even worse, if that's even possible. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope here though and I don't know how much longer I can live like this so I just wanted to try something.

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    I can definitely help I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at age 17 in 1990 and began Lithium. At the time other mood stabilizers such as Depakote and Lamictal were not available so Lithium was the only choice back then. It is a natural salt on the periodic table of elements as LI No one knows how it causes mood stability with Bipolar disorder.Lithium is a mood stabilizer not an antidepressant so it may not help depression but if you have mood swings it can help a lot.I took a high dose of 1800 milligrams. You need to get blood tests every so often to see the serum level in the bloodstream to see if it it the Lithium is at a good therapeutic dose. Lithium helped but I still had problems with mania. I switched to Depakote and it helped more than lithium. Talk to a psychiatrist about all your options nowadays. I REALLY hope that helps you out. If I helped you please vote me for best answer. Feel better HUGZ Raymond

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    i have not, but i have prescribed some to people - back in the day..

    Lithium Orotate is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of any disease or disorder.. and it is sold without a prescription as a dietary supplement.. people say it has a medicinal use, but really not much known about it.. it is an iffy as best..

    when doctors prescribe Lithium,

    they are talking about certain Lithium preparations such as Eskalith and Lithobid.. those are the ones are (or need to be) approved by the FDA with several studies showing that they work..

    we are taught, for example, that cyanide are bad and that they poison a man in seconds like in those spy movies, but cyanide compounds are found in many house-hold items, it depends on how they are prepared or what chemical state that they are into..


    Lithium is a mood stabilizer and it is not an anti-depressant.. it is less effective to handle Major Depression Disorders, and you'd get better results with antidepressants.. it is like trying to unscrew a screw with the wrong screw-driver, with a little bit of luck you may be able to get it unscrewed, but a lot of time, it will fail..

    any handyman would tell you, get proper tools for the job..

    mood stabilizers are often prescribed to Bipolar Disorders BPD and in certain cases of anxiety and schizophrenia-like disorders.. and they can bring to people unnecessary amounts of side effects such as drowsiness, tremors in your hands, dry mouth, increased thirst or urination, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach pain, changes in your skin or hair,

    feeling uneasy and impotence (loss of interest in sex)..

    the ONLY reason why doctors (psychiatrists) prescribe Lithium, is that because they have no other choice but to give the meds to these patients.. when in reality, any good doctor would love NOT to give these powerful drugs with potential harms to people - especially when they are given for the WRONG diagnosis..

    get a proper diagnosis for your depression..

    so see a GP doctor (family doctor) who may refer you to the appropriate discipline:

    to an Internist's clinic (for example for medical causes of depression, such as Diabetes and undiagnosed autoimmune disorder), to a General Surgeon's clinic (for example hypothyroidism (a fairly common problem for depression)), to a Psychiatrist's clinic, to a Psychologist's office (if it is not serious and can be treated with non-medicinal therapies such as cognitive therapy, hypnosis etc etc etc) or to a group therapy at a church, a community centre or a town-hall building.. all depends on the right diagnosis and the severity of the symptoms..


    there are some home remedies that you can do before taking any meds..

    my favourite is to marry someone rich, take 5 years holiday in a tropical island with people serving you drinks all day - but that's probably not for everyone..

    some people prescribe to religion, sports, blogging and vlogging, have a healthy relationship and all sort of stuff..

    i love watching TV and movies and making a blog about it.. my sister love collecting stamps.. and my mom loves cooking..

    a famous philosopher once said 'you can't always get what you want' and he says it 3-4 times be he adds 'but if you try sometime.. you'll find.. and you get what you need..' - Jagger

    good luck, God bless and all the best..

  • i've heard lithium is toxic to your body and health, avoid it and choose another medication instead if that is the road you are going to go down.

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    Lithium is a mood stabilizer and antipsychotic. It isn't for depression. It's for stuff like bipolar disorder. It won't do any good, and you need a prescription anyway.

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  • Anonymous
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    you are a very handsome fella and I bet your smile brightens up your face.

    now this is the help I got from a friend also something I have said to people.

    write everything down on paper. read and re read until you feel a bit better. many many bits of screwed up paper and tears helped me. reason for depression still there but getting through that bit helped.

    write on two bits of paper 20 things you hate about things and 20 you like. at least once a month try and knock off one bad thing and maybe add to the good or succeed in doing something on the list.

    tablets only mask symptoms and as I told someone once certain people have paper learning, we have life learning.

    when you recover you will be able to help someone else. that is a great goal to go for.

    Best of Wishes.

  • Laura
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    It is possible for anxiety or depression medication to make your condition worse.

    The same can be said for lithium.

    If you want to take this medication, talk with your doctor about it before you do. You need to learn what the standard dose is, what dose would be best for you, and what the side effects are. This is all assuming that your doctor feels like it would be beneficial, lithium is not prescribed for depression because it doesn't effect it. It is prescribed for other mental health issues, like BPD.

    I would also really recommend getting a therapist and seeing them regularly.

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