Where can I find a Berol Sideklick mechanical pencil?

I've owned this maroon red Berol Sideklick mechanical pencil for a really long time, and it finally broke on me. This was a really good pencil, so I've been searching everywhere for it. I can't find it. The only thing I can find are Berol Automatic Mechanical Pencils or Berol Cassette Mechanical Pencils or something else of the Berol brand. I had found a whole pack of them on Ebay, and I was planning to buy it, but when I was about to, I found that it was already sold to someone else. I'm surprisingly really attached to this pencil. I've done a ton of research on Berol, and I know their company is now defunct. This, however, does not hinder my determination to find another. I have tried to fix the pencil multiple times, but unfortunately, you aren't able to completely take it apart like other pencils. I don't want any other pencil with a 'sideklick' part, I've tried those, and they're normally too bulky or too weirdly shaped for my hand. If you happen to stumble upon another and could direct me to it, that'd be great. I just really want to find another one of these pencils.

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    If Blick art materials doesn't carry it, you may just have to adapt to using one of the other mechanical pencils.

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