CPU not running at full clock speed?

Hello, I have an Intel i5 6600k cpu clocked at 3.50ghz that is not working right. When I am at my desktop doing nothing, the clock speed is where it should be. However when I launch a game, my CPU's clock speed dips down from its base clock speed of 3.50ghz to around 1.90ghz or lower. This is causing my games to lag and decrease FPS. I have a liquid cooler so heat is not an issue for it. The CPU is also not being bottle necked by my graphics card so that is not the issue. Can someone please help me.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I think you're looking too closely at clock speeds and not close enough at % workload. There aren't very many, if any, PC games that will run your 6600k at 100% load. The clock speed is going to vary in moments like this. Even a high end Core i7-8700k is going to downclock it's self to 1ghz when it's idle, and the clock speed will vary based on workload.

    What you can do is adjust settings in the BIOS and in Windows. The first thing you can do is set Windows to "High Performance" mode in "Power & Sleep Settings". The second thing you can do is disable things like EIST, EPU/CPU power saving mode, and C-States in the BIOS if you want your CPU to run at full speed.

    If you do all this stuff and you get mixed or No results then you likely have an overheating issue with either the CPU or the Voltage Regulation Modules. Lower end motherboards don't have a beefed up power design like higher end motherboards do. Sadly, you need to spend about $160 and up on a motherboard that has a power design that's good enough for overclocking the CPU, because the power design on a $120 board isn't very good. If overheating is the issue than you'd have to look at reseating the CPU cooler, or pointing a fan at the VRM heatsinks. If you're using something similar to an Intel Stock cooler on a Core i5-6600k then you would need to replace with a more efficient Aftermarket cooler if you want decent cooling results.

    The CPU won't run at a constant 3.5ghz unless you run a CPU stress test on the CPU.

  • Fulano
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    You sure heat is not an issue? This looks just like a heat issue, like thermal paste not applied correctly or the pump not working or something.

    What temperatures is it hitting when you run games? The CPU will slow itself down so it doesn't overheat.

    The CPUs will adjust it's GHz according to the load on it too.

    Also, how how do you know the graphics card isn't the bottleneck?

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