Trying to transfer pictures from an iPhone 6s to a computer. Device files says there is only 70 images but in the phone, there is over 1000.?

I've tried backing it up, and going through iCloud. Help.


Yes, photos are in camera roll.

Update 2:

Robert, did that. Same results.

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  • 2 years ago

    The big secret to copying photos off an iphone is: You do not need to do anything fancy or use itunes / icloud.

    Just connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable, then close itunes or any other program/app that appears.

    (You may need to do the "trust this computer" stuff if its not been connected before).

    Then on your PC or laptop, look in Computer or Windows Explorer (the folder icon) and expand the drive list in "computer" in the left column of that.

    You should see the phone showing up as a drive, like a USB stick or usb hard drive - or any general digital camera.

    Go to that and look in the DCIM folder; from there it's just the same as copying photos from any normal digital camera or a memory stick etc.

    It may take a minute or two for everything to fully appear.

    Click back to the main phone "drive" in the list and then go back to the DCIM folder if needed. Sometimes I have to do that two or three times; it seems fairly slow reading all the data (and thumbnails for the images?) via the USB cable, but it should all show eventually - then you can copy everything, or just the folders / images you want.

    Edit: Have you checked your icloud account via a web browser, to see if they are in your online storage?

    I never use icloud specifically because I do not want anything possibly moved to a different location than where I decide it should be..

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Are all the photos in the Camera Roll?

    Try reconnecting it and backing up pictures - or try accessing through Itunes. Or download the iCloud app.

    In the iCloud (not iPhotos) part of the app, you check the photos box. Click the options button to the right.

    Check all the boxes in this menu, then click download library, then select the year(s) you want to download.

    Click download. (There is no notification that anything has happened)

    Within C:\Users\username\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads, an empty folder(s) appears. Be patient.

    Keep your iPhone connected. About 5 minutes later the folder should start to fill.

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