Coming down from a week long weed bender...?

Hi! New cannabis user here and I’ve started to abuse it really bad and got into poppers right away and I can feel myself start to crave them. Anyways, I’ve been high almost all day every day for a week and I’m a little scared to come down, I’ve been taking poppers for 3 days straight and (poppers is weed and tobacco just in case) I wake up depressed so I smoke and am okay again. So, will the come down be horrible..? And what can I do to make it less horrible? Thanks...

1 Answer

  • O Man
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    You should hopefully be fine, most people are. However, taking any drug to that excess is never a good idea - moderation is the safest bet (If you HAVE to do it). You may feel a bit foggy/demotivated for a day or two or may have bit of trouble sleeping, but that will be it. The sooner you come down the bettter as the more you use any drug the more tolerance you will develop to the drug (it will require a higher dose to get the same kick). Using non prescription drugs like pot or poppers to cope with problems is a terrible idea - it doesn't make the problems go away, and that is how people get hooked! COuncelling/exercise, or in SOME cases antidepressents prescribed by a doctor are more effective.

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