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What are the options for permanently removing small sections of facial hair?

I have two freckles* on my face that grow long hairs. One freckle is just to the right of my chin and has one single hair that I've found over an inch long before (it sticks out and curls as it grows), the other is under my ear lobe and grows a larger patch of hair that grows and stays flat on my face (practically hidden when my hair is down, but I otice it when my hair is up).

I'm not a fashionable person; I don't spend a lot of time fixing myself up and making sure I look fancy when I go anywhere (being a stay at home mom makes that easier as well). That's why I don't think about them often enough to keep the hairs trimmed and only notice them when I rub my face occasionally and find they're super long, then I'm embarassed and wonder if anybody noticed them.

What are some options for permanent hair removal for these 2 freckles, how much would they cost, and what other things should I know (ie, possible side effects, who to see about it, etc)

*(I assume they're freckles; the skin is flat would I tell if they're moles?)

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    2 years ago

    Lasering could work, but tends to be quite pricey. Electrolysis is permanent hair removal that is great for the face. You lie on a spa type table and the tech uses a thin needle with electricity that zaps the hair root, to kill the root. It will take several sessions, to have permanent results; each person is diffferent. It does not hurt. They charge by the half hour or hour, so prices vary, depending on your locale. Very worth it, especially for facial hair, which is sooooooo visible.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Only electolysis will work to remove them permanently but it will take multiple sessions.

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    2 years ago


    You get your doctor to zap each of those with a jolt of electricity from an electrolysis machine to kill the hair follicle inside. Even if you don't have insurance, it's not expensive.

    Incidentally, if they have a hair growing out of them like you describe, they are moles. You know they're moles because, one, flat moles and freckles don't look anything alike and, two, a freckle doesn't ever have a wild hair growing out of the middle of it.

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