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Why are men more attached to women then women are attached to men?

No, men are more attached to women. Men watch porn where there's women in it, men grab women's boobs and butt in public with little respect later to get his *** kicked in the nuts. Men fall in love faster then women do and usually more in the relationship and deeper. Men pay women $100 to **** him in the ***. Men are more visual then women and men are mind controlled by womens looks and can't resist. Why are men more attached to women then women are attached to men? I guess this concludes episode 5: Women are more attractive then men.


Men are hornier towards women then women are towards men. Proves whose more attached.

Update 2:

Men even catcall women.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Tell that to all the women desperately trying to get their boyfriends to propose.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Women have a natural visceral hatred of men that is only cured with copious amounts of accursed jews fiat currency, women also do not know how to love, women side with cash, it's all they respect, they don't care how you got it, or who you are, just that you look good or have cash, even if you're an ahole they'll tolerate it either till they tire of you or the money runs out of they can steal what you have.

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