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Are you a freeloader when he?

Offered to do things for you and buy you things??

I don’t ask for any of it. He offered them to me and sometime when he’s at the store.. he’ll be like, “hey babe, do you need me to get you anything”? Sometime I say no and sometime I would tell him to get me food but I always appreciate him for it. When we argue..he throws it back at my face and tell me I’m a leach. It’s so annoying and he’s so immature. When he offered to do things for me now.. I tell him it’s ok and that he doesn’t have to and then he calls me a hater.

So we got into a fight the other day over the same thing..he said a lot of nasty things to me. I told him over and over that if he isn’t willing to do things for me out from his heart than don’t offer to do anything for me. He went on and on about doing everything for me and I’m not giving in enough but every time I do nice things for him, he doesn’t appreciate it and he always think everything I do for him is not enough. I’m avoiding him now. I don’t feel like talking to him anymore. Every time we see each other, he’s always angry and fighting with me. I stop seeing him. He called me earlier and we talked for 10 mins and I told him I was going to bed. He texted me after and he’s angry. He’s paranoid. He thinks I’m cheating and hiding it from him. I’m not cheating but I’m thinking about dumping him. I’m scare to tell him.. he’s going to be so upset and probably murder my family. He said it before.

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    Did you take his money but not have sex with him? Because that’s not cool.

    I know you’re not “obligated” to. But he’s not “obligated” to spend money on you either.

    And if you aren’t willing to give him sex “out of the goodness of your heart”, then you shouldn’t take his hard earned cash “out of the goodness of his heart”.

    Phrase it however you want- if you take from him but give back nothing in return, it’s going to piss anyone off.

    Let’s flip it around. If you were giving him constant sex and he refused to even buy you a coffee or a movie ticket, you’d be pissed off and feel worthless. Its true

    If you didn’t want to have sex then you should’ve 1) refused his money and 2) confessed your lack of sexual interest and stopped talking to him

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