Why cant i handle being alone, why cant i sleep, why dont i have anyone.?

honestly, i dont know what im expecting out of this. this has been the worst few months of my life, its not that im not used to feeling depressed because i am but i always used to try to keep someone around me at all times, so that i wouldnt have anytime to think. i dont have anyone anymore though, im not in school, i dont have a job, i dont have anything because im too afraid to fail. ive tried medicines, i used to self harm and have an eating disorder. ive been hospitalized. i just dont know what move im supposed to make now. im too scared to talk to a therapist. i cant sleep at night anymore. i had a friend that spent the majority of each week with me but theyre gone now and they wont be back for months. i dont have any other friends, i feel the need to talk to someone because i feel like im suffocating within myself so i just scare at my phone expecting to have someone but i dont. i dont trust myself anymore, im not eating good and i dont do anything all day. im losing my mind and i want it to be over, i want to be distracted from myself but its too loud

3 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Working out in gym is a good idea. Simply walking for a half hour would do you a lot of good as well. I have an uncle who is in his 60's who walks four miles every morning. He loves just being out in nature. You can talk to me if you like. I am a safe person, won't judge. I approach people like you with empathy. Sometimes just talking helps tremendously.

  • go to your community center or church and get involved.

  • 2 years ago

    Go join the gym and start working out. It'll increase your serotonin levels those things that make you feel better, it's a social atmosphere, it's healthy for your body, you can meet new friends, it will become a habit if you do it for 21 days straight, it cost about $30 a month, it will take the board them away, it's something to do for a few hours a day, you will enjoy it.

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