Dear muslims, if Islam is peaceful, then why is there no worldwide muslim peace movement?

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  • Anders
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    2 years ago
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    Your premise is in error. It is NOT peaceful.

  • 2 years ago

    And...uh....where is the worldwide Christian peace movement?

  • Khan
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    2 years ago

    No, the Islam isn't peaceful as it's not moderate too.

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  • Nous
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    2 years ago

    The problem goes back to a dispute over who had spiritual authority over the Muslim community after the death of the prophet Muhammad in what is called the “fitna” which translates as temptation or trial and caused all the discord within Muslim community.

    Shi’ite Muslims believe that authority was vested in his family; the Sunnis look to the sayings and actions of Muhammad as well as the Koran.

    All the Muslim on Muslim violence is based on that split!

    Over 550,000 Muslims have been slaughtered by Muslims in Syria alone with almost daily beheadings, burnings and other executions!

    Isis and al Qaeda is turning Islam into a death cult that will be unacceptable in any civilised country. Whatever fighting may do it cannot save Islam from self destructing only the real Muslims can do that and there is little sign yet of Islam tackling the problem!

    Now China is threatened with terrorist attacks in the name of Allah!

    Sadly there is hardly a country in the world that has not experienced Muslim violence!

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  • Archer
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Much like the Christians a few years ago who felt the need to impose their faiths through killing Islam itself needs to learn that an imposed belief is not actually a belief. You seem to ignore the Christian history of killing and persecution.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    If Christianity is so peaceful then why is there no world wide Christian peace movement?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago


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