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English speakers, could you help me with my English?

I have to translate a title of a formal police document but I'm not an English speaker and I'm not sure if it sounds grammatically correct. Could someone take a look at say if the name of the document below sound ok?

Description of the Procedure for the Actions of Police Officers in Documenting a Road Traffic Accident in which No Person Was Killed or Injured

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    Procedure for Police Officers reporting a traffic accident with no fatalities or injuries.

    I presume this would be following the procedures for reporting accidents with fatalities or injuries and if the entire paper is directed at police officers a better arrangement would be

    Procedures for Reporting a Traffic Accident.

    (a) With Fatalities or Injuries

    (b) Without Fatalities or Injuries

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    I personally would omit (take out) the “for the actions” because the procedure of police officers entails their actions. Otherwise it’s not bad, maybe just a bit long.

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