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My boyfriend was homeless when I met him. He was living in his car and sometimes sleeping in hotels. I found this out after......?

We were together 6 months and then he moved in with me. Things were perfect and they aren’t bad now necessarily. I recently found out he was homeless before he moved in with me. That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that now I feel insecure. Like I’m questioning everything. Is it even possible he cares about me for me and not the fact that he has a place to live now. He has a good job and a car and money. He doesn’t do drugs just had got in a bad situation. I just am shocked I don’t even know how to act. Any advice would be great. I have fallen so hard for him this past year I just don’t want it to end..

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    It’s nothing to be ashamed of. He has a good job and doesn’t do drugs. He’s clearly going good places. Things happen.

    I own a company that I make over $170,000 a year PROFIT from, and its growing. I’m only 26 years old.

    At age 18, I was homeless as my dad kicked me out without warning. I remember some low-IQ people judged me for it. Like most people were cool about it and understanding but like they assumed *I* myself must have been a failure or done something wrong to become homeless. They didn’t understand it was an unforeseen situation I could not have prevented.

    Anyway now I’m rocking and rolling, married with a beautiful wife and about to buy a home with over 25% down (have $65,000 saved in the bank). Many of the “haters” who have never been homeless, are $80,000 in debt with arts or sociology majors and can’t find a real/decent job. So I got the last laugh, lol.

    My advice? Judge the man, his IQ, his ambition, his drive and work ethic. Don’t only judge his current situation

    Source(s): On the other hand- there are SOME homeless people (let’s call them “chronic/lifestyle homeless”) who don’t care to have a job, or have no self esteem or drive in life, who are ok being moochers and losers their whole lives. It’s good to avoid those sorts of people. But if your boyfriend has a good job, he’s OBVIOUSLY not (and was not) this bad type of past-homeless. Those types of homeless wouldn’t be caught dead having a real job. They’d rather beg for money, or steal it, or do odd gigs inbetween getting drunk
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    2 years ago

    He's a human being the same as anyone else. He is not a lesser person for being homeless. I don't get why people make such a to do about it. The media brainwashes people to believe all homeless people are alien scum.

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