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Can I lose bodyfat while on 100g carbs daily?

I'm in 500 calories under maintenance diet with 80g of fats, 100g of carbs and 180g of protein.

My friend said if I want to lose the fats on my body then I should lower the carbs to 20g.

Is that true ?

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    Hey Anon, Your friend is setting you up to fail, And You can kinda tell otherwise you would not be on here.

    First of all Humans are Batch feeders and we should never feel guilty for being hungry, we just put the wrong foods in our bodies.

    500 calories is pretty drastic, I recommend no more than a 300 kcal deficit. Calories are what we use to buy nutrition. if you are cutting out calories, then you are cutting out vitality and health.

    I would much rather see you burn an extra 500 calories a day via activity, Humans are mobile creatures and we cut years off our lives by not being active.

    The Best way to lose weight is to lose it slowly and controlled, no crash dieting, no low carb, no fasting ( there are times to fast), no lemon and pepper, no high fat, just real healthy food.

    Please understand losing weight is about becoming healthier, not just numbers on a scale, tape worms and meth can make you lose weight too.

    Look at it logically, it probably took you months to years to put on the extra weight, why would it make sense to lose it so fast? Self harming your way to a slimmer body will not make you healthy.

    Lets do the Math, Carbs = 4kcal per gram, while fats = 9kcals per gram.

    20g x 4 = 80kcals

    100g x 4 = 400kcals

    80g x 9 = 720kcals

    like.. Duh! but if I haven't spammed you enough already.. There is more :p

    You need a low fat, high plant carb diet, does that not make more sense to you? carbs are what humans need, our brains use 40-60% of our daily intake of glucose.

    Evolution chose glucose as our primary energy source since it is a cleaner fuel.

    we have two organs dedicated to the processing and storage of glucose, the liver and pancreas. We also store sugars in our muscles, Athletes carb load, not fat load.

    our bodies would rather burn off extra glucose calories as heat via dietary thermoneogenosis.

    and have you noticed that all healthy/plant foods have most of their calories in the form of carbs? plants are our friends and we depend on them, so do not be afraid of healthy carbs.

    our bodies hates turning sugars into fat. On the other hand fat is fat.. our bodies store it so well, if they took a needle and took a sample, they could tell what foods you ate.

    Foods that you think are high carb like, pizza, cookies, donuts.. are actually high fat.

    people like to bend reality and warp science just so they can feel good about their eating habits, they do not like the sound of unlimited beans and lentils, they want to enjoy that Tbone steak, ribs, cheese and eggs. but eating high fat offers no metabolic advantage and promotes death and disease.

    Stick to whole plant foods like: yams, plantain, brown rice, bean/peas/legumes, lentils, quinoa, oats, barley, wholewheat pasta/cous cous, sweet potatoes, parsnips, cassava, leafy greens, veggies and fruits!

    Get your healthy oils from Avocados, nuts like walnuts, and seeds like flax, chia and pumkin.

    These foods are great for you and in the right combos form almost any meal you can think off.

    they provide: phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. this also helps control blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, feed good gut bacteria and prevent against cancer.

    since they are high in water and fiber content, they will keep you feeling full for longer.

    Also, all Humans should be getting a stable and reliable dose of vitamin D3, and B12, and iodine.

    D3 is a hormone our bodies make when in contacts with sunlight, and B12 is found in nature, and made by bacteria.

    As for exercise, if you are not currently active, try and go for a 30min walk everyday without fail, or aim for 7000 steps, consider doing the couch to 5k program too once you are confident with your cardio and knee health.

    i had to do week 1 for 4 weeks haha :D

    *if you can handle more than this, do so! more is better

    Also start doing body weight exercises at home, use hundredpushups, very basic but useful training guide. they have squats, situps, and dips too :D

    and go to your local park to do pullups

    once you can do 5 pullups, 15 pushups, 30 squats you can go ahead and invest in a gym membership.

    Hope I helped anon, I can only paste 10 links, so i could not put all the sources here directly, if you would like to see the evidence based science behind these claims, please click on the "sources cited" tab.

    If you find any contradicting "science" please drop me a line, and i would be happy to have a convo.

    Please go through all the links, i would love to have some feedback after

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    There is no way you could stay at 20g anyway unless you ate hardly nothing but protein. I am a female, 5'8" and when I carb cycle on my low-carb days I have 80 g of carbs, 200 g of protein and 55 g of fat. The macros depend on whether you're male or female how tall you are and your age. I'm 45 and ripped/ fit. Whether youy carb cycle/ low carb or not as long as you're in a calorie deficit you're gonna lose weight no matter how many grams of carbs or fat or protein. It's a calorie deficit that makes the weight loss. You're going to get a lot of different information on this site, good luck some of it will be bad.

  • Anna E
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    2 years ago

    100 grams of carbs a day is still kind of high to lose weight. I would drop the carbs to about 40 and not worry about the amount of protein and fat.

  • 2 years ago

    Of course. Just keep that calorie deficit

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  • Kano
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    2 years ago

    Yes you can lower carbs to zero and still be healthy.

    But your ratios are wrong, you should be eating 180 grams of fat 100 grams of protein and 80 or less of carbs.

    Fat doesn't make you fat, excess protein can because it can convert into glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis, but carbs are the main reason people get fat.

  • 2 years ago

    Get your calculated recommended caloric intake:

    The only way to lose body-fat is to go on a caloric deficit. I recommend going 500cal under, and no more than that. If you drop more than 500g of cal per day then you're gonna burn fat faster, but you're also gonna lose muscle faster as well.

    No point of lowering carbs to 20g because the carb is part of the calories.

    1gram carb = 4 cal~~1gram protein = 4 cal~~1gram fat = 9 cal

    If you keep on working out, your fat will decrease and muscle mass will replace it. So you basically stay at the same weight or lower. If you're gaining weight, that means you're definitely gaining bodyfat as well. But if you stay at the same bodyweight or lower, that means you're losing bodyfat since the weight of the fat are replaced by the weight of your muscle. But this only applies if you're working out.

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