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Why does my physical therapists ask about my personal life when during my session?

Why can't she just go through the exercises like your supposed to. I know if I ask her personal questions that might be construed as sexual Harrassment but she seems to ask me about my life. Regular questions like injuries wether I am doing exercises and if I have good form is expected and encouraged.

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    You aren't very specific about what she's asking you so that leaves open several possibilities. One is that she is simply trying to build a raport, which improves compliance. She may be asking questions about things which are relevant to your problem from a holistic perspective, such as sleep hygiene, emotional state, impact of your injury or disability on your social life etc.

    You say that it could be construed as sexual harassment if you were to ask her similar questions, which may imply she is asking you specifically about your love life rather than your life more generally, which seems questionable, but equally may only imply that you have a poor grasp of what constitutes sexual harassment.

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