How to fix my AC unit in my trailor? The fan works, but no cool air or hot air comes out. It's been like this for a few years. DIY?

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  • chris
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    2 years ago
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    If the fan is running, but no air is flowing, check your filter. If there is no filter, your fan and coils need to be cleaned and a filter added.

    Other than that, you need a trained technician to service and troubleshoot the problem.

  • elhigh
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    2 years ago

    NOTE: I'm making recommendations that involve working around live, bare electrical contacts. USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION. If you do something foolish you can and will be hurt. YOU need to know when to turn power on and off, and how to make connections for tests. If this is beyond you, STOP and call a pro.

    If your outdoor unit's fan is running but the compressor never comes on, there's a couple of possibilities.

    Most of the things to check are at the outdoor unit. You will need some tools: screwdriver, multimeter, maybe a couple of nutdrivers (1/4" and 5/16")

    Check the breaker for the outdoor unit, or the fuses. If tripped, push all the way to OFF, then all the way back to ON, or replace fuses.

    If it trips or blows immediately (with the thermostat set to COOL), STOP. You have a dead short inside the compressor. You need a pro and lots of money.

    Power OK? Look for a little pushbutton mounted directly to the smaller of the refrigerant pipes inside the unit. That would be a non-resetting pressure switch. If it has a pushbutton and you push it in and the unit starts, that means your compressor kicked out the high head pressure switch. You probably have dirty coils. That's an easy fix, look it up on YouTube for a tutorial.

    If the compressor fires up but not the fan, the unit will run for a couple of minutes and kick out on high head pressure again. Check the fan side of the capacitor, and the fan motor itself. Either one is an easy fix and pretty affordable.

    Inside the cabinet look for something that looks like this:

    That's the main contactor. Yours might look a little different. Use your screwdriver - holding ONLY the plastic handle, not touching the metal at all - push in that button on the top. If your unit comes on immediately, your contactor's coil may be dead. Turn off power and check for continuity of the contactor coil.

    If the contactor is already pulled in and there's power, check for bad oxidation of the contactor's contact points. If they're cooked, replace the contactor. Cheap, easy fix.

    Outdoor fan running but not the comp? Check whether both sides of the capacitor are working, or whether there's a separate cap for the compressor and that it's okay. If it's good, your compressor is probably toast.

    That's a lot of the basics. Good luck with it.

  • XTX
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    2 years ago

    Best way is to get an A/C tech and do it right === the system may have crapped out and it needs to be re-newed .... There are many nice camp grounds to visit if the trailer is travel size and that cool A/C does make travel very restful for more nights and then better days on the road ...........

  • GTB
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    2 years ago

    Which fan works? Is it the interior duct blower fan or the fan on the exterior compressor unit? If the exterior fan is not blowing the power to the entire compressor may be off - check to see the breaker is on and the disconnect is not open. If the exterior fan is blowing, does the compressor blower operate as well? If not, the compressor motor needs attention - maybe just a new capacitor but then again it may be a bad motor and this needs to be checked. If both fan and compressor motor works, and no cool air comes out, then the compressor may be low on refrigerant OR the compressor may be faulty - and this needs to be checked.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Does the compressor run? If it does not, replace the capacitor for the compressor. If it does, the refrigerant charge could be low and it is best to just buy a new one.

  • 2 years ago

    years? the refrigerant leaked out, most likely. and refilling it will only have it leak out again, unless and until you find and fix the leak. could be that would cost more than a new one -- esp as parts probably aren't easy to come by.

    and that's if the compressor isn't shot

    just go buy a new one

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