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Is manifesting a sin according to the Bible?

I’m not sure how to make sense but, manifesting is like you want something amazing to happen in your life. Basically, you want to attract something in your life that you truly desire. For example, right now I’m manifesting to get the dream car of my life. Most successful people use manifesting and action to get what they desire in life. And also according to someone successful in life, named Nikola Tesla, he said that if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

My question is if this is a sin? And if it’s a sin, why in the world will it be a sin when I’m all doing is attracting success and abundance in my life? I also put a link in the video because I’m afraid that you people won’t understand.

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    Nikola Telsa is correct, it is not that simple however. No it's not a sin, as it requires you to go into a deep relationship with God in order to manifest.

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    manifest (v) late Middle English. 1(a) (trans) to make evident to the eye or to the mind; to show plainly. (b) of things. To be evidence of, prove 1508. 2. To clear up (a matter) 1669. 3(a) To display (a quality, condition, feeling, etc); to reveal the presence of, evince. (b) refl of a thing.: to reveal itself as existing or operative 1808. 4. To record in a ship's manifest 1541. 5 intrans. To make a public expression of opinion 1898. 6 (Spiritualism) of a ghost (refl or intrans) To reveal its presence, to appear 1858 7. Historical in Spanish law, to protect by a manifestation 1818.

    Manifest has a few meanings but not the one you ascribe to it.

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    Voodoo isn't real.

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