How much of George Orwell's vision of a future dystopia has been realized by 2018?

In what way is modern life in the Western world similar to that of Orwell's vision of the future totalitarian regime as illustrated in 1984?

Here are my thoughts. Please add to them:

Constant surveillance. In the book it's telescreens that cannot be turned that allows the Party to spy on all members, and much of the proletariat.

The technology exists and has been used. In 2010, a Pennsylvania school district paid of $600K to settle lawsuits resulting in using the cams to take over 40,000 photos of students through MacBooks they distributed to students.

Speakwite makes writing obsolete, thereby limiting people's ability of expression.

How many adults under 30 can write cursive. Technology reduces language to acronyms and emojis.

Disarmed populace, making resistance to government impossible. No so much in the US which has a strong and vocal gun right's sentiments, but gun ownership in much of the Western world is verboten.

Room 101 and it's physical and psychological tortures.

Enhanced interrogation techniques. Abu Garhib, etc.

What have I missed?

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