The only connection for my internet modem is on the first floor living room. Can a new connection for the modem be installed upstairs?

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  • Bort
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    2 years ago

    If it's wired you can get another router or combination router/modem and wire the 2 together. If you're using wi-fi to connect to the first floor router (it's not just a modem it's a router too, the router is where you get your connection from) you can also get and install what's called an access point to increase your signal strength. Nothing will increase your speed other than getting a faster internet connection package.

  • 2 years ago

    Depending on the type on incoming connection you have from your ISP, then there are different ways of solving this.

    Except where you have fibre going directly into a router, then you may be able to extend the connection to a different room. This is easiest with the now traditional ADSL ISP. You can have multiple phone socket type outlets around the house where you can connect a single modem to any of the sockets. Phones and other devices can connect to sockets providing there is a suitable filter installed between the line and the phone. Without the filter, using the phone will normally cause the Internet connection to break.

    Some ADSL/VDSL systems use a special master socket. The modem can connect only to a specific port on the master socket. The second port and any other sockets in the house can use a phone without a filter.

    For cable or fibre, then you should discuss this with your ISP.

    If you have a separate modem and router, you should look at Powerline network adapters such as:

    You can move the router to a different room with the Powerline link between the modem and the router.

    If you have a combined modem/router then another alternative is to use Powerline devices such as:

    that will provide for Ethernet (2 ports) and a second WiFi network in a different room. This can also be a solution if you have a separate modem and router.

    I hope this helps.

  • Dick
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    2 years ago

    You don't say if your computer has wifi capability or not but if it does here's a simple solution. Go on and do a search for a Wifi Range Extender. It a simple unit. You just plug it into a electrical wall socket upstairs and it picks up the wife signal from your modem and boosts the signal and rebroadcasts it. They work great and typically have a range of around 300 feet. Hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    There are three ways to do this.

    You can contact your service provider and have another line ran to move the modem upstairs.

    You can get a splitter and a very long cable and run the line yourself. Doing this effectively would depend on exactly how your home is set up and if you rent or own. Rental property owners typically don't like renters running extra lines around the home since it sometimes involves drilling into the walls or ceiling to run the cable line upstairs. If you aren't a "do-it-yourself" type person, I don't recommend this option.

    OR, you can buy this product, or something like it.

    This product would work if the items you want to use upstairs could be plugged in with an ethernet cable. Or, you could even plug in a second modem to the upstairs outlet and create a second wireless signal. You can buy a modem online or at Best Buy.

    The electrical adapter does work. I have one in my home. The items we use it for are plugged in by ethernet cable and get very good signal. It runs our gaming systems in a room to far away from the modem to get a good wireless connection.

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