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I'm always angry? How do you "let things go?"?

Whenever someone does something to piss me off, I stay extremely angry and just have this deep angry feeling in my chest of like hours. Mostly it's because of men on the street being ******* assholes. As I got older, I started yelling back at them, cursing them out and stuff but I still stay mad afterwards. It feels good in the moment but afterwards I'm always still mad cause it's so unfair. I can't go walking anywhere whether I'm with my friends, my mom, or my 13 YEAR OLD sister, men have to ruin everything and I remain pissed off for the rest of the day. And my mom always gets mad when I curse them out but I would only feel worse if I didn't because then they'd get away with it. My parents always say to just let it be because life is unfair, but that's bullshit. I mean, life is unfair but shouldn't we try to MAKE it fair? Should we just let murderers get away with it since life's unfair? Why should I let them get away with it? It happens to my mom all the time too, but she just gets over it. She just doesn't say anything and she doesn't stay mad. In a way I pity her because I wish she would just give them a taste of their own medicine. But in other ways I envy her because she doesn't let it ruin her day. But they say "let it go" like it's such an easy thing. I can't! Like, how? How do you just accept it? It's not fair and I would rather get myself killed confronting the wrong man than let them think they can say whatever they want without consequences.

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    Man, I can certainly understand your desire to make people pay for doing wrong things. I feel the same sometimes, although not as intense as you do. But what helps me is realizing why life is unfair. I've learned that no matter what we do, humans can't change the state of the world or make it any more fair. Probably the most impactful things that we can do are kill people or get ourselves killed, and neither of those would help the situation at all. I have a family to take care of and other extended family that love me. And I would hate to be killed or imprisoned because I couldn't control my feelings. As I grow older, I realize what's important in life and that helps me to maintain my calm when difficult situations arise. But there is hope. If you believe in the Bible, God promises that He will put an end to all badness and that only righteous mankind will remain on earth to enjoy peace forever. It does sound like a fairy tale, but the Bible backs it up 100%. So if you can find a way to consider the possible consequences of lashing back at offenders, you can have a much better future than you might think. Hope this helps.

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    Yes get counselling is the answer. What you are feeling is severe. Don't worry you are not alone but this needs dealing with and fast.

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    What you are doing, is letting people change who you are.. instead of being happy and content, something you seem to want, you allow the actions of others to change you into this angry person.. this is a CHOICE you are making. Life is unfair and yes, it can feel good to blast someone, but then you see? You have become this rotten, angry, unhappy person who yells and swears at others.. and other people have to witness this, which can be upsetting (for example, for your little sister - you are teaching her how to react).. so, your actions are not healthy, you are not setting a good example, and on top of all that you are making yourself miserable for the rest of the day. Not only that, but this won't serve you - if you allow yourself to become this kind of person, you will find it hard to control your anger at work - and that can cost you a job.. let's say you are a secretary and someone angers you. You can't just start in on them, they are customers, and your boss will not appreciate this - that's the end of you.. you need to master self control.

    How - when someone says something you don't like, you can just answer calmly "you are being rude, and I don't appreciate that". then walk away. period. You don't have to yell, swear and scream to get your message across..

    remember, no one makes you angry - you ALLOW it.. you DECIDE to be angry.. and you can decide not to be, as well.. Decide how you will behave, and then be that person..

    Keep in mind that every time you CHOOSE to be angry, you are robbing yourself of the happiness you could be feeling.

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    you should get counseling about that

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    Try Buddhism. It helped me a lot. Don't worry: buddhis isn't a religion, it's a philosophy.

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