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lemon juice on burnett hair?

I have highlights in my hair, on the tips and my hair is light brown but with blonde highlights... if i put lemon juice will my hair turn green or orange. can someone tell me what to do? also it’s 4 and i want to tan outside and try this lemon thing? does the time matter?

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  • Elaine
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    1 year ago
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    Lemon juice gradually lightens the existing colour in the same way that the sun bleaches the colour. Your hair won't turn green, orange, purple: just a lighter shade of the colour you have now.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If you have professional highlights, you do not need to be putting lemon juice on the hair for sun sessions. Especially if you have Expensive salon highlights. You need to cover the hair with a scarf or hat when in the sun. The lemon juice thing is for hair that has not been dyed. It can result in orange Bozo hair or other weirdness, depending on one's hair and how long they are outdoors. ('70s chick who has been there/done that/attended prom with Bozo hair.)

  • You can try some thing like sun in, if you want a more noticeable difference. It's stronger them lemon juice but it's not exactly bleach either. You may get a more noticeable difference from sun in then lemon juice. It shouldn't turn your hair green or orange, but it can dry your hair out so use a conditioning treatment after you're done.

    Try a strand test and see what happens.

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