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Possible to get back with ex? (read details)?

I left my ex around feb, and hadn't made contact until may. In that time she started liking another dude, but they had a fall out. I had left my ex due to jealousy and insecurities that she had. we had been together for four years. around may I was extremely emotional begging for her back instead of being in the proper head space, in that time she told me that she was afraid of liking me again and that even if she had started too she didn't want me back because there was too much pain. we had stopped talking for a month after a fall out due to me being too emotional. in that time I had grown and worked on myself. however I find myself still wanting my ex back, we have started talking again, we talk almost everyday. but in bits, we send memes, and songs we crack jokes etc. she is reluctant to hang out, which I understand seeing as I had cried and begged for her to get back with me every chance I had. but now I am in a better head space and more mature, is there is a possibility of me getting back with her? what should I do?

(also she has also matured and has a higher self esteem that prior, thus why im a attracted to her again)

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    Id just keep simple for now bro. You dont wanna go gun ho and straight up tell her you want her back. Talk to her, and catch up with her. Maybe you guys can hang out one time and talk. But for now, DO NOT bring up a relationship unless she says so. Its possible but you are gonna have to play this extremley safe. Just take your time, and just go slow. I really hope you guys get back together man, seems like you miss her. Good luck and message her whenever you think is best

    help please?

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