Are they really my friends?

They don’t really respond when I text I’m suicidal

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  • 2 years ago
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    Friends work both ways. You confide in them and they are meant to give you the best advice and support they can. However you confide in them and get nothing out of it, there could be an explanation as to why. For example, like you said that you are suicidal and they don’t respond, they may be unsure as to how to respond and help you, and that’s okay, those that don’t experience it will find it hard to relate. Or they may be unbothered (which I doubt) and it would be a good idea to keep them as friends but don’t turn to them with your issues. I think this conversation is to be had face to face with your friends and see how they react, you can judge the situation better. I really advise that you seek out help to help you when your suicidal- perhaps not your friends. Good luck :)

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    You're being unfair and are imposing on them. Your friends are not therapists. It's not their responsibility to prop you up every time you're in a slump. The fact that they're ignoring you should send a message. Nobody wants to associate with someone who's a neurotic mess on the edge. Go get professional counseling and stop using friends as the dumping ground for your emotional problems.

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