I lost my sense of racism! HELP!!!!!?

For most of my life I have considered myself to be a good liberal. I voted for Democrats in every election and I even donated to the DNC in 2012.

I don't know exactly what came over me in November 2016 but I ended up voting for the Republican Donald Trump instead of Democrat Hillary Clinton!

Ever since that fateful day I have lost my sense of racism! I'll give a couple examples:

One day I picking up my friend's son from work at McDonald's when one of his pregnant coworkers, who was a young black woman, asked me if she should have an abortion. I could see in her face that she was quite distraught and advised her that she was the only one that could make that decision and I told her to not make the decision lightly and talk to her family, friends, the father of the unborn child, and even God, if she believes in a higher power! I knew any true Democrat would have told her to have an abortion as that was the non-racist thing to do, but as I told you before I have lost my sense of racism!

Then earlier today I was talking to a new hire at work and we were completing his new hire orientation work and I asked him if I could get a copy of his driver's license. The young African American man explained to me that he had just moved to Illinois and that he had not yet gone to the DMV to get his Illinois driver's license. I asked him to please visit the DMV ASAP as we need a copy of his Illinois state issued ID for our records.


It wasn't until later that afternoon how racist it was for me to think that a black man would be capable of getting a photo ID on his own!

HELP!!!!!! I've lost my sense of racism!

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  • 2 years ago
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    Voting for an old white guy over an old white gal and thinking blacks can get their own photo IDs is full blow stormfront type racism according to the Liberals. God help you!

  • John
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    2 years ago

    Democrats always claim that black people don't know how to get to the DMV, I hope you gave the young man a map or drove him yourself... otherwise you'd be a fascist for asking for an ID

  • Bye
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    2 years ago

    You received 4 answers yesterday on this exact same question, and all the same people are here today. What do you expect will be different today?

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