Looking to go to University in the UK from USA?

I've already picked out a couple of universities namely St. Andrew's, Durham, and Bournemouth Universities. And i'd like to know at least a rough estimate for costs of living and things like that.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Lots of Americans go to St Andrews because it has a foundation year. Even from a good US secondary school it is pretty hard to get into a UK university without that extra year because US secondary education is so poor. Not all UK universities offer it. You might want to check the requirements for US applicants at each of the places you are interested in. Or you can qualify by doing an Associates degree at a US community college instead, that is cheaper.

    By the way, whilst Durham (ranked 12) and St Andrews (ranked 20) are fine universities, don't waste your money on Bournemouth which is ranked 67 out of a universe of 100. You will find very few English speaking students there.

    The universities will give you their international student tuition fees and a cost of living estimate on their websites. You need to be able to show you have enough money for a year of tuition plus your living expenses for your student visa. It is a bare minimum. Some universities are FAFSA eligible. Again they will tell you this on the website.

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    Politically Correct's advice is good (unless you want to do an art degree, for which Bournemouth is quite good.)

    That's another thing to be aware of about university in the UK. You don't apply to the university and then choose your major by picking different course options, you apply to the specific degree programme. Foundation years are more general, but not completely, eg. in maths and science. Different universities can be stronger or weaker in different areas, though there are very strong general trends of quality, which is the overall rankings Politically Correct gives as examples.

    Art is an exception to that, because of the different resources required, relationship to research, and history of universities vs art schools. However, if you wanted to do art you would first do a foundation diploma in art and design, probably at an FE college, though it's offered at some units & apply to degree from there.

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    The first place you can look is on the websites of those universities. You may have to click on a few things to get the info you want, but universities usually have that info on their websites. look for tabs such as 'international students'.

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