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How do I politely tell my friend to worry about her own self?

She always asks why when I can t hang out and my family finds that rude.Also she contstanly asks me how much money i have?and she looks in my purse

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  • 2 years ago

    Start by being honest with her that her demands to know why bother you as well as how she invades your privacy by going through your purse. By being honest with your friends you inadvertently set the boundaries of the relationship that serve to make you get along better and develop trust.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Can you say "none of your business" and "get out of my purse"? I'm sure you can. Your concern for being polite has allowed this to happen until now. It will continue unless you address these or any other socially unacceptable behavior of hers. Why are you even friends with someone that behaves like this? Clearly, the girl has no respect for you. Interactions between individuals should have boundaries. Sometimes people cross those boundaries for a variety of reasons. Once they do, rest assured they will continue, until the boundary is enforced. You do that with your voice.

    If this girl intimidates you, get her out of your life. Either that or learn not to be so timid. The fact that you are portraying your problem as though it's about being polite or you are concerned for her feelings is just intended to hide the elephant in the room. I'm not criticizing you for it, just pointing out that your real problem is you, not your friend. You cannot fix a problem until you first identify its source. Well OK, she's definitely a part of it, but your response or lack of an appropriate one is the larger part it and the only one you can and need to fix first. If you don't you can expect more people in your life that treat you this way

    Welcome to real lifeOOOXXX

  • Kyle
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    2 years ago

    tell her it's none of her business how much money you have. tell her you'll cal her when you want to hang out. and make plans to actually go places instead of each others homes.

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