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My parents are in LA for a week with my sisters. What are the odds of them dying in an earthquake there?

They have ruined my life and my Dad in particular does not love me unless he needs something or is trying to get rid of money so forks it out instead of love. At the same time I would feel overwhelmed if something happened to them and so I am scared they could die and have mixed feelings about it. There is relief that I won't still be rejected, there will be closure, but sadness at the loss of what I wanted.

So do I need to be concerned? Will a quake level LA in the next week? What are the odds? My mother's 2nd cousin died in the great 1989 quake in San Francisco but he was from the enemy part of her family so she did not know him nor did we (I was just a baby then).

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    Zero. Unless LA happens to suffer a massive earthquake this week (which they probably wouldn't because the pre-tremors would be on the news already).

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    when was the last time there was a destructive and devastating earthquake in LA?? ask yourself.

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    Grow up.

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    The chances of there being an earthquake in California, and more specifically in LA in the next week are PROBABLY 0.000000001%.

    What you should be concerned about is that your intelligence doesn't appear to have developed since you were a baby as you're still having babyish thoughts and feelings.

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