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Poll: was she completely straight forward with me?

A friend told me about the guy I like “the way he treats you is uncalled for you can tell for one he was with a group of girls” he showed up to a restaurant he knew I was going to be there. He wasn’t with a group of girls there was 2 or 3 girls rest were guys. Then she said he was with his guy best friend and his best friend family. First she said he was with a group of girls then she said he is with his guy best friend and his family. I feel shenwadnf completely straight forward with me. I feel I shouldn’t be friends with her anymore. Thoughts?

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    “I feel she wasn’t straight forward with me” -True. She’s probably jealous that she doesn’t have as many friends as he does. Or maybe she’s jealous nobody wants to date her.

    “I feel I shouldn’t be friends with her anymore” Okay calm down, cave woman. No need to go to extreme weird measures to protect your offspring with this new boy. Lmao. Relax. Nobody is taking him from you. You can still remain friends with her. Sheesh

    What you SHOULD do, is confront her about her motives. “Hey HER NAME, usually when a girl tells another girl not to date a guy (when the guy hasn’t been violent or a cheater or otherwise done something clearly bad), usually she’s just jealous or secretly wants the man for herself. Is this the case here? Should I worry about your motives?”

    If she says “no you don’t have reason to worry, chill, I don’t like him” then smile and say “Ok good. That’s what I thought. Well since you don’t like him so much, you shouldn’t have a problem not talking about him anymore. k?”

  • Doug H
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    2 years ago

    Well let me say this...sounds like she doesn't care so much for the guy or maybe she just doesn't want you to like the guy for some reason. The conflicting information doesn't seem like a good reason to end a friendship unless you just don't like her that much anyways. I doubt if she was straight forward with you since there were 2 stories unless she was talking about 2 separate times she saw him. At any rate, doesn't seem like a good reason to end a friendship because it really wasn't that bad.

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    I have no idea WTF you're talking about here.

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