Gold Density and Weight?

If I wanted a 24k gold coin with dimensions of 19mm (3/4 inches) in diameter and 2mm (0.079 inches) in thickness, what weight, in grams and ounces, am I looking for in purchasing a 24k gold coin with the stated dimensions? Perhaps density of the metal plays a role in this, but I am not quite sure on how to go on about solving this question.

To further clarify, if I wanted a gold coin with a 19mm diameter and 2mm in thickness, what would be the weight of the said coin? I would also like to see the work made in solving the question. Thank You.

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  • 2 years ago
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    24k is pure gold (12k is 50% gold, 50% other metals). So just use the density of pure gold at room temperature (rho = 19.3 g/cm^3) and the volume of a cylinder of diameter D=19mm and height H=2mm, to find the mass m:

    m = rho * V

    = rho * (pi/4) D^2 * H

    = 19.3 g/cm^3 * (3.1415 / 4) * (1.9cm)^2 * (0.2cm)

    = 10.9 gram

    In ounces that is 10.9g * 0.035247oz/g = 0.39 oz

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