Adjusting to kids being in school?

My daughter is starting preschool in a couple of weeks. I just got the supply list from her school. It's pretty intense for preschool. Anyway, the only item it specifies to label are her extra set of clothes. However, I've been receiving mixed "advice" from other parents. Some say to label everything, some say don't, and others say only label her personal items (like her backpack, clothes, water bottle, etc. -- things that only she will use). I understand every school is different, and when I asked the school, they didn't really have an answer for it. They're in the process of going digital, so really couldn't answer much questions since they don't have complete information from the district/school board. I don't whether to label all her stuff or not. I'm already overwhelmed and emotional as it is that she's starting school, even though I've known and have been mentally preparing for the last year. But after attending orientation last night, I realized that we'll be doing this for 3 kids. Like life with 3 under 5 isn't hectic enough!!


How do you label tagless clothing? A lot of the clothes these days are tagless. When I asked my daughter's God mother for advice (she's the one who recommended the school), she gave me a sarcastic answer, "I don't know. You think I'm going to remember that." Her son is 10, so yeah, it's been a few years. But I would expect her to at least have an idea how she felt and to have some recollection of it.

Update 2:

I swear, the responders on here and more critical and judgmental than ever before.

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    Label everything especially clothing. Even if you just write the initials on a label.

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  • Suzy Q
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    2 years ago

    If something is meant to be used by the whole class, there is no point labeling it.

    If the school didn't have an answer, that means they don't care. This is not about going digital. If it were important that all school supplies are/aren't labeled, they wouldn't need to get information from the school board. They would remember.

    Label clothes however you want. I've used permanent marker when I bothered at all. If you're feeling creative I guess you could also embroider an initial.

    If you're going to do a year of mental preparation and then still get emotional and overwhelmed for each kid, you'll be a weck by the time they're all in school. You're making this WAY bigger than it needs to be, and risk making your child pretty anxious. Is this really the vibe you want your child to pick up on? School must be a pretty scary place if it makes mommy emotional and overwhelmed just to think about it.

  • God
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    2 years ago

    So a pencil or an eraser disappears? So what?

  • 2 years ago

    You don't label school supplies, only personal items (if you want, I never bothered). Use a Sharpie if there's no label. It seems like common sense. You're really worked up over something that's no big deal.

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