If I am using garden lime to get rid of pet odors, is it possible that it may take time and multiple applications?

Our rental home has a terrible odor from pets come from the crawl space. We’ve put a bag of garden lime down once and it helped tremendously but the odor is coming back. There are no longer animals that are able to to contribute to the odor. I’m just curious if multiple applications of garden lime over a few weeks or months will help kick the odor for good.

1 Answer

  • Ben
    Lv 5
    2 years ago

    Assuming there are no longer animals getting down there, then the smell will fade eventually, even if just left alone, and using lime will speed up the process.

    Lime works by absorbing the odours, though, so it has a maximum capacity. Eventually it was stop absorbing the smells. So if the smell still persists, put some more down there.

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