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Getting back together with my ex boyfriend?

So I dated this guy for about 6 months who we will call Lukas. (we both are gay and in high school), and after a while I broke up with him just cause it didn t feel like we were connecting anymore. I later started dating another guy but it ended quickly as he graduated. I never really got over Lukas though and regretted breaking up with him in the back of my mind. After breaking up we still remained friends as we are in the same friend group and actually grew closer and connected more than we did when we were dating. I started to fall for him again. I think I never really connected with him emotionally in our relationship and it was only physical since we rushed into it after we met each other. The thing is when school ended and we were going home (we go to a boarding school, he lives in Czech Rep) our flights were cancelled and we spent the night together in a hotel room. We watched a movie together but started cuddling, spooning, holding hands, and even kissing each other on the neck after a while. Nothing else happened but it was still pretty shocking cause I never thought I would be that close to him again. Its summer now, we've been talking over FaceTime but haven't mentioned that moment yet. Should I bring it up? i really want to date him again but don't want to make things awkward. How would I go about asking him?

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    I personally think you should definitely make a move. I think that the biggest issue that a lot of relationships struggle with is rushing into the relationship. You don’t fully know a person or understand how they are. You rushed into the relationship then broke up then got closer. You two credit a strong foundation and created the first step for any real relationship: a strong friendship. Who wouldn’t want to date their best friend or someone they’re really close with? As for how to ask him about the situation. Just openly point blank ask him (in person) what that meant to him. Regardless of his answer, tell your side. Tell him how you felt close to him again and it really made you happy.

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    You should definitely mention it, it was special to the both of you, it is important to share special times together so the relationship will become stronger, he probably wants to mention it also, so if you want the relationship to grow, then share that memory, it will only bring you closer to the one you love. :-)

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