Living Alone With Disability Ssi ?

So I think I will be moving soon to live on my own im having so much drama with my family I am sick of it. Im thinking about calling social security to help me with it but their is one thing im concern about. I have herd of those crimes about those stories where they force people with ssi pay extra for rides or what ever it is. What should i be worry about living on my own? Dont those place has a limit on what you can buy or do? Like if i want internet do i have to relay on my social worker to buy me internet & I pay him? I am not sure if I really want to join those homes but or els can i do ? Living with ssi sucks because you will always need a guardian it dont matter how old you are & that guardian is pretty much the boss of you. If that dont work out too then I guess im done with life because I will never get to do what I want there will always be problems with me every where I go. I wish I was normal & not have any heath problem I have a heart problem with a peace maker. When you live on ssi it just seems like people use you.

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    Don't bother social security with this problem; they do not employ social workers. They have claims reps who process applications for monthly benefits. Period.

    You want help finding a place to live? Start with the county welfare office; they should be able to direct you to the proper source. You can file an application for Section 8 with HUD. Of course if you have a payee this is not an option for you.

    The vast majority of people on social security disability or SSI disability do NOT have legal guardians or rep payees. Most disability beneficiaries receive their own benefits directly. If you have a legal guardian and/or rep payee that is because it has been determined that you are not capable of managing your monies in your own best interest.

    If you actually have a legal guardian appointed by a court the legal guardian makes decisions on your behalf. Nothing you can do about that unless you can prove to the court that you are mentally competent. A doctor would need to attest to that.

    If you don't have a court appointed legal guardian but only have a rep payee appointed by social security you can always visit the social security office and request a new payee IF you've found someone who is responsible who would be willing to be your payee. If not, then you need to start making an effort to get along with the people who are in charge of making your financial decisions for you.

    Sometimes rep payees become tired of the people they have been appointed to represent because they are hard to get along with. When that happens, social security appoints a professional payee who is willing to take on difficult beneficiaries when no one else will deal with the beneficiary. In those cases the beneficiary has no one to blame but themselves. Ten to one those beneficiaries aren't seeing a therapist and aren't taking appropriate meds.

    You have three choices:

    1) Find another responsible person willing to be your payee and go with them to the SS office IF you don't have a court appointed legal guardian.

    2) If you don't have a court appointed legal guardian, get a statement from a doctor that you are capable of managing money appropriately.

    3). Do a better job of getting along with people - including your payee.

    Source(s): I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.
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    You'll be alright

  • Legal guardians and SSI and completely different issues. Receiving SSI does not require you have a guardian. It might require you to have a representative payee, but that is not a guardian.

    If you are not happy with your representative payee it is a relatively simple thing to change them, if you have someone else in mind, they are willing, and you have good reasons. If you are using an appointed representative you can still ask for a change.

    Changing a guardian is a legal process. A jusge has found you need it, it is a judge who will have to determine you don't.

    If you file for a change or an end to guardianship, the court will appoint you a guardian ad litem for the duration of the process. The guardian ad litem will be your advocate and interview people who know you and you and come to a recommendation to the judge whether you need a guardian or not, or just need a change in guardian. The judge will likely do what the guardian ad litem recommends, but not always.

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    don't waste their time...Social security does nothing more than send you the check.

    You should be worried that you are not mentally capable of living independently and can't afford it. In most areas people on SSI cannot support themselves, at least not without subsidized housing which can take years to get.

    Assuming you have a mental disability, you may be eligible for some level of supported housing. At the very least, help finding roommates to share expenses and help managing the bills and making decisions.

    Many people on SSI do not need a guardian.

    If you have a guardian, you cannot move out without their permission or a court order. You can ask a court for a new guardian.

    Often it is not the actual disability that prevents a person from living independently, but rather inadequate life skills training.

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    I am sure, this is best for you...if you think you can, of course, you matter how much difficult it is in early days...

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