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Does anyone know a PCP that can really help me??

This is a very serious question. I'm desperate.

One of my nicknames at work is "doodoo face",another is "walking death". And no I don't poo through my mouth,so please hold the jokes!

This is NOT something that came out of the blue, I've suffered from tonsils stones since I was a kid,now a middle aged disgrace,walking septic tank who is very close to the edge. I practice good hygiene, cut out diary and basically doing the best I can to keep my BB at bay. Oil pulling,whatever home remedies the internet says will work! I was stupid enough to even try bleach

I have insurance but a tonsilectomy isn't covered...since its considered aesthetic not medically necessary and it is ofcourse a last resort ! I have tried everything

I've seen many doctors, still not getting the help I need. It's not fair for the people around me to have to deal with this any longer, and I think I'm about to get fired because of it...can't live like this anymore...holding out hope a little longer. Doc if you're out there, I will definitely understand if you wear a mask while examining me.

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  • 2 years ago

    cryptolysis? That might fall under the same umbrella as "aesthetic" but maybe there's a cost difference? Maybe your doctor can make an appeal to the insurance company or do a prior auth? If it's devastating to your life, it should be considered medical treatment, not cosmetic.

    Tongue scraping is uncommon and might help? Even if you use a toothbrush on your tongue, there can still be a layer of stuff that's been packed on there.

  • 2 years ago

    Do trolls such as yourself make up these stories yourself or do you have a community forum where you take what someone else has written and then decide who can post what where.

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