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Christians, can you tell me if you'd ever be atheist, and if not, why not?

I think it's one thing to believe something and often totally new to actually put it into words.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how each person is so unique in expression. I believe there could be hundreds of answers, all reflecting differently.

Thank you.

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  • 2 years ago

    no, cause i believe in god,

  • 2 years ago

    No. Only if pride ever festered in my heart. Until such a time, I remember my positive spiritual experiences -- all of which had to do with God.

  • 2 years ago

    Once you know and love someone, how do you stop; and why would you want to?

  • Adam
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    2 years ago

    Been an atheist and would be again if definitive proof came my way. There is no proof God does not exist just an absence that he does. I believe I've seen enough in my own life to believe in God and Jesus. If scientists prove otherwise definitely I'll become an atheist

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  • 2 years ago

    Short answer to an odd question: I could never un-believe the truth.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
  • 2 years ago

    My answer would have been slightly different when I was younger and had less knowledge. Here are my reasons for choosing to accept God:

    1. I want the peace of mind knowing that I am an eternal being and will not someday disappear.

    2. I sincerely crave goodness in my life. I truly want to be a good person and religion provides structure for this.

    3. Over the years, I have learned to receive personal revelation that produces a powerful sense of certainty. I know that God lives and have no desire to turn my back on that knowledge. In fact, knowing with certainty that God is real is the most cherished thing I have. It gives me meaning and emotional security.

  • 2 years ago

    If you're starving, you'll look for food regardless of your perceived probability of finding food. God is worth seeking regardless of anyone's probability estimate.

  • 2 years ago

    i used to be a Christian -- from about age 16 (and had been raised in churches all my life to that point) to about age 27. i withdrew my membership from the Methodist Church around 1969 because i realized i no longer *believed* much that was in the Apostle's Creed that we recited every Sunday... and disbelieved much that was in the group prayers we'd join in praying, much that was in the hymns we were singing and much that was in the back-&-forth responsive readings. i just *couldn't* (conscience-wise) be *lying* to God, Himself, claiming to believe things that Church was having me say that i *didn't* believe (& i got real *tired* of looking ahead so that i'd go *silent* on the things i didn't believe -- because whenever i was "on automatic" i'd be saying or singing them -- and the Church had me "lying to God" again). Since many of those things were basic Christian beliefs that *define* a Christian, i could no longer consider myself a Christian and have *not* considered myself to be one, since. If i were to claim to be a Christian that would be *hypocrisy* on my part.

    But just because i'm *not* a Christian *doesn't* mean that i don't have a *genuine* relationship with Jesus Christ, with the *real* Heavenly Father, with the *actual* Holy Spirit -- and with the Spiritual Essence of Mary Magdalene, for that matter.

    i ceased being a Christian because my commitment is to the *truth*. i am no longer a Christian because i have discerned that many things that Christians believe are simply *not* true.

    i could never become an atheist because they believe very *obvious* untruths! They actually believe no God even *exists*! They actually believe there is no AfterLife! Many of them believe there was never a historical Yeshua! If they were really honest -- with even *themselves* -- they would be agnostics. Because the *reality* is, they only have *opinions*, personal *beliefs*. They have *no* FACTs to prove no God exists, no Yeshua existed, no Holy Spirit exists, that there are no ghosts, no esp, no mental telepathy, no Afterlife. They claim as Absolute Truth what is simply *not* true -- and only deceive themselves thereby. If they simply claimed that their beliefs are theirs (& other's) personal opinions -- *that* would be *true*. But claiming their (really false) opinions as being the Absolute Truth is to be claiming something that is *not* true. Thus, since my devotion is to the *truth* i could *never* become an atheist.

    i know, *absolutely* that Yeshua ("Jesus" to most) existed and still exists. He doesn't talk to me anywhere near *every* day -- but surely he's succeeding in getting at least a *few* words through to me about every *week* (i mean *his* Mind into *my* mind Direct Contact; i seldom read the Bible any more). Mainly i've been asking him about his relationship with Mary Magdalene (back then... and now) and he's shared quite a *bit* with me over the years since 2004 about their relationship (as has *she*). The *real* Heavenly Father has spoken to me a *few* times providing me information that i *value* having received, and for which i'm *grateful* -- for now i have learned the real *truth* about those circumstances.

    My longest-time male friend (this incarnation-around) died about 3 years ago (we'd been friends for about 41 years). 17 hours and 10 minutes after the doctor pronounced him "dead" he *spoke* to be (telepathically) from the Other Side, and made mention that he'd already met my Mom and Dad!

    On May 2nd this year (i was recovering from an operation and was spending most of my time in bed, at the time) he came-thru and chatted with me for about an hour and 10 *minutes* -- providing me details about the circumstances where he is, now. i've decided it's probably best *not* to tell my sister (he was her husband) about it -- for she *definitely* would *not* want to hear what he shared with me. She's of the nature that she will want to live thru her *own* "death" with her old Christian illusions *intact*... (and considering most people *are* going to die with similar illusions & *want* to believe in those illusions more than in anything else -- else they would be *seeking* further!) i believe it best to *leave* her with what she *wants*! (She doesn't *want* to know where i am, spiritually, now!)

    Atheists are deceiving themselves, Christians (with their Bibles) are (in large part) deceiving themselves, Muslims (with their "Allah" and their Qu'ran) are similarly choosing to deceive themselves... and it simply *is* as it *is*!

    Even tho the Bible is surely at least 50% *false* (as with the Qu'ran) (& as with most politicians), what the Bible *does* do is give people *hope*... and *some* of the hope that is given *is* valid. Atheists are out to *destroy* all the hope that peoples' religions give them, but they offer *no* hope, whatsoever, to take the place of what they are attempting to destroy -- nothing to *uplift* the hearts and minds and souls of womanity. So besides promoting beliefs that are simply *untrue* (no God, no Jesus, no AfterLife, no esp, no ghosts, no mental telepathy, no authentic future visions, no Holy Spirit, no Goddess) the fact that they are also a philosophy of, in the end, no *hope*, is why they will *continue* to *fail*. Even the level of *persecution* against Christianity that took place in the communist-atheist USSR and Red China *failed* to eradicate Christian *faith* -- because atheism is still fighting against a God and a Christ (and, indeed, against Goddess, Herself!) Who *are* Real! And everyone who has experienced a genuine miracle in their life -- or who has had a very specific *prayer* answered (and i've had at least a half a dozen such answered) absolutely *knows* -- from personal life experiences, that the atheists are *mistaken*.

    Why *never* become an atheist? For the same reason i would not take a red hot poker and burn out my ear-drums and burn out my *eyes*! i am not here to make myself *less* aware. i am here seeking only to become *more* aware of the *actual* Larger Divine Truth.

  • mimi
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    2 years ago

    Never. Evidence of God is all around us. The universe, Earth, living things are so obviously designed. How could anyone think this all came about by accident and random events? I've experienced too many answered prayers and seen God's goodness and felt his presence. I know that he is real and the Bible is fact.

  • 2 years ago

    Never. God is real.

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