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Ben asked in Cars & TransportationMotorcycles · 2 years ago

How many people care about the fleet age of vehicles from transit agencies, or if a bus is 20 years old or 17 years old when in service?

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  • 2 years ago

    Only you Robbie. Why do you keep changing your name when anyone with a functioning brain is familiar with the same old questions you ask?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Insurance companies care. Credit Rating agencies care. Even some passengers care.

    Source(s): TROLL alert. It's the bus-train troll again. Don't take the bait folks. Ignore the question instead. Thank you.
  • Scott
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    2 years ago

    Nope, it only matters to you.

  • ?
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    2 years ago

    For most commuters, its more about the look and feel of the vehicle than the actual age. A modern bus is always going to look more clean and tidy than an older bus. But, public transport is what it is, and I don't think anyone has chosen not to get where they need to go on a bus just because of the way it looked, or chosen to take a bus over a train or car because it looked nice and shiny. If you're going to take the bus, you take it in whatever form it comes.

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