Is this enough to get into Princeton?

I'm taking 9 AP classes (out of the 12 they offer) throughout high school. Most of them are core classes, and one is AP Psych. Even though right now I'm a Barton teacher at a nonprofit program for financially unstable families’ students, I'm aiming to hopefully start a non profit organization that helps low income students who need more help in school in my area as well as students that suffer from illiteracy, dyslexia, and dyscalculia (mostly elementary students) that will be more connected with the students and their success in school. I also took Early Childhood Education. I want to major in elementary education and also take some child psychology courses in University. I know this isn't guaranteed to get me in and SAT, ACT, AP scores, and essays are important, but application wise, is this enough? I'm 14 and going to the 10th grade.

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  • 2 years ago

    I am an Ivy League graduate and I do alumni interviews, and the students that are accepted are not the ones that ask "is this enough"?

    The last applicant I interviewed that was admitted was: in the IB program, took the full seven class course load at high school, and took an additional four or five classes at a local college every semester. Plus they participated in a varsity sport, were the editor of two high school journals, were president of their high school NHS chapter, participated in teen court, and created a state-wide database for high school students to find scholarship and internship opportunities.

    In my experience, the #1 student in the high school class (with mostly AP classes), top SAT scores and the typical range of EC activities are waitlisted at best (at my university; they sometimes got into another, less competitive Ivy).

    Are you sure Princeton even had an early childhood (or elementary) education major? It appears to me that their teacher licensure certificate program is focused on middle and secondary education (

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