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Why is my mom obsessed with looking good when I was in middle school?

She said if girl is pretty she attract rich husband, but I don’t care. 7th grade is too young yet she buys me boots and does my hair and scream at me not to get fat. Me and my sister gained weight but we are thin now, and thing is we weren’t bothered by it but mom was screaming all the time. Why can’t mom just enjoy life?

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    She is insecure, worried for your future, and believes in the teaching of her cultural background. You must eventually find your own way, but if she continues to scream at you, I suggest that you enlist the help of your father and/or other relatives, you need some support from other caring adults. Good wishes,

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    you shouldnt be yelled at, thats abuse and if you told cps about it they could send you elsewhere

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    Maybe because she realized you weren't smart enough to get into college and establish a serious career. You write so poorly that obviously education hasn't done a thing for you. Ergo, she figured marriage was your only chance in life.

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