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Is it too early to take a pregnancy test?

So my period usually comes every month like clockwork.

I had the emotions and irritability just before I was due but never actually came on. I didn t think anything of it because there s a lot of things that can mess up the cycle.

I m only 9 days late.

However, for the past couple of mornings I ve woken up with this horrid heartburn. It ll last a few hours and then I m all better.

This morning I had it but decided to get a coffee before work. Made me feel so sick to my stomach.

Watched my co-worker eat oatmeal and it churned my stomach even more. After a couple of hours working I had a splitting headache out of nowhere.

I do have mild cramps and a slight backache but I figured that came from working a 10 day shift.

Anyways, took a test this morning and it was negative. Got bummed but shrugged it off.

Would it be a waste to test again? Do any of those symptoms sound like possible pregnancy?

And if I am, is it too early to test?

Sorry for the dumb questions! I ve heard many different things and so kinda confused.

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  • 2 years ago

    A blood test would be most accurate. Wait a day and gain first thing in the morning and repeat. It should be showing up soon if positive. Negative tests super early on don’t always mean it’s really a negative. It could just be super super faint. But it’s definitely not too early.

  • 2 years ago

    If you are testing negative at this time, you are not currently pregnant and your symptoms are not from pregnancy.

    Could you have ovulated late and get a positive test at a later date? Yes.

  • Shay
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    2 years ago

    You are not testing too early. Anytime you miss a period, it is enough time to test. Late ovulation can cause a late period. Late ovulation would also cause a delay in getting a positive test even after the period is late if pregnancy had happened during that late ovulation.

    A late period can also be other things. Wait a few days, test again - be sure to follow ALL the directions of the test you pick.

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