Help rearrange my bedroom please?

Please excuse my messy bedroom...I'm a teen. I need some help rearranging my room, it is so big that it feels kinda empty. How should I furnish/decorate it so that there is no echo and empty areas. I was thinking about moving my shelf next to my dresser but then I have the whole area by my door empty. Any suggestions??

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  • 2 years ago

    That looks like a huge room. My suggestion would be to break the room up into zones. A zone to sleep, a zone to dress (by a closet) and a zone to sit and hang out with friends to watch tv, and a zone for studying/homework.

    It is best to have a work area (for studying/homework) by a natural light source, like a window. Position your bed so you can watch television AND sit in chairs to also watch tv with friends. If you can sew or know someone who does, you can make some really nice floor pillows and stack them nicely when not in use.

    I find that Better Homes and Gardens, Arrange a Room is a great tool you can use for free to design a room. Measure your room and duplicate it on the graph. Then drag and place the right size of your furniture in place until you get the floor plan you love.

    The wall hanging by the television looks out of place, so take that down and use it elsewhere. If you need new things, go shopping at thrift stores or look in your parents and grandparents attic, basement and garage for orphaned furniture pieces. Remember, you can transform anything with a can of spray paint.

    To begin your design color and ideas, you should start with a bedspread you love and then go from there. That will be your inspiration. You can also define an area with a small area rug to ground the space. Get rid of old things that are not used and pack them away if you cannot part with them for now. Once you select an inspiration item, which can be an upholstered chair, sheets, a bedspread or even a piece of art workl

  • Cammie
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    2 years ago

    Better lighting will help. That overhead light is not good.

    Do you have an end table ? get on by your bed and then put the lamp there.

    Can't see your bedding.Pick out some thing nice.Can you paint ? Think about a deep plum on one wall. Perhaps behind your bed.

  • Laurie
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    2 years ago

    So, being a teen is a good reason to disrespect your belongings and your parents' house, and to keep a messy room?

    I don't think so.

  • mokrie
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    2 years ago

    If you have a really pretty bedspread then hang it on one wall for color and interest. Then if you can get one of those bean bag chairs to put in front of it to plop on. You can also use a bedspread hanging behind the bed if you don't have a headboard. See if you can find a couple of large throw rugs in a local Walmart or Kohls to warm the room up. Buy patterns or colors that go together and don't fight with the bedspread. and put them around the room in different spots until you find where they look the best. If you have mini christmas lights in white string them along a wall near a plug and it will give the room a real fun cheery look. If you can get a few throw pillows for the bed. Have fun with it.

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